373: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part III

Scientists are still trying to discover how Iggy Pop can turn any crowd into a ranpaging wild clusterfuck.  So far the leading theories are either that he's an Omega-level mutant, or that he was given the gift of mind control by the Elder Gods.

So it looks like I didn't manage to get this one up over the weekend, so why don't we just go ahead and call this one Monday's Comic, and then continue with our Mon-Wed-Fri schedule from here?  "But Kevin, doesn't that make you an underachieving sack of shit?"  Well, voice in my head, you may have a point there.  But in my defense, pretty much every other cartoonist is taking the holidays off, so these fuckers are LUCKY to be getting these comics at all!  HAHA!  KEVIN- 1, EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD - 0!

Oh, and Merry Christmas tomorrow everyone!  And Happy Christmas if you're British and you say such nonsense as that!  (it's like they don't know how to speak English!)  And a special Merry Christmas to Zir from France, and to Alex from Australia, and to Bruainan from (probably Hungary?), and to Cal from his house, and to Sean from DRAGONFORCEWTF.  You folks are all so badass, that if they tried to measure the magnitude of your badassness, the magnitude would be, like, at LEAST a six or seven.

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