Song of the Day

December 25, 2012
Tak Matsumoto
House Of Strings (2004)

Some mellow guitar/orchestra music to help you all enjoy Christmas today, my gift to you.  Oh, Tak Matsumoto, how your variety and eclecticism makes me swoon so.  If you're wondering why the song title is in CAPSLOCK, it's actually supposed to be that way.  It seems to be a popular trend amongst Japanese musicians to play around with the lettering of their song titles, to make them more visually appealling.  This is usually for the titles that are in English, but you'll sometimes see it with Japanese characters as well.  Some titles will be in ALL CAPS, other will be in all lowercase, and there ~will~ be ~squiqqles~ in ~EVERYTHING~.  I really enjoy this, because it opens up a whole new world of creativity.  "Holy shit!  I can make the actual TITLE of this song VISUALLY ARTISTIC.  it's like a picture with letters!!!"  The downside, though, is that it makes the songs impossible to look up online if there's a bunch of symbols in the title, and they're sometimes really hard to pronounce.


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