Song of the Day

December 26, 2012
Kicked In The Teeth
Black Spiders
Cinco Hombres (Diez Cojones) (2009)

Here's an amazing cover of AC/DC's "Kicked In The Teeth" by England's Black Spiders.  The song originally appeared on the album Powerage (1978), and this Black Spiders album title is also a reference to ZZ Top's most famous album, Tres Hombres (1973).  Black Spiders have always shown a great love and knowledge for classic rock songs from that era, and cover or reference bands like Motörhead and KISS in their music.

This is also the song that made me cry while on the can.  Because it was very meaningful to me.  They picked a song to cover that wasn't one of AC/DC's biggest hits, instead it was an amazingly underrated song from an amazingly underrated album.  It showed a great respect and knowledge of the band's music by Black Spiders, something I hadn't expected to find from a rock band as new as them.  It showed me that there are still people out there who were like me, who love and appreciate old rock, and who were starting bands and playing new music that sounded like it.


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