374: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part IV

Here we go, our next comic!  Once again took really long, but once again I'm proud of the level of detail I put into it.  And it wasn't until I finished this one that I realized I had forgotten to draw the red stripes on Carlos' shirt in the last comic.  So now I went back and added those as well!

Did you guys all enjoy your holidays, if they're over already?  I happened to get a very awesome gift this Christmas from my brother, who has a history of doing awesome gift-givings.  Thanks to him, I now have a copy of Brian Johnson's autobiography, Rockers And Rollers, which has been SIGNED by BRIAN JOHNSON.  For the people who don't know who he is, HE IS THE SINGER FOR AC/DC AND NOW I HAVE HIS BOOK SIGNED BY HIMasdhgdfaghfdfh.  Good Christmas.  Busy Christmas.  Busy day tomorrow, and the busy-ness continues all thoughout next week, so I hope everyone's enjoying themselves for now, and I'll see you all tomorrow evening (I'm guessing) with another comic! w007!!

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