375: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part V

Hooray, finished comic is up!  And with two days to work on the next one, I should be able to get that one up on time!  (Though admittedly, "on time" has kinda lost all meaning on this site, hasn't it . . .)  The crowd at the Stooges show got so wild while Iggy Pop was on, moshing and dancing and pushing people around, that we were all crammed really close together by the end of it.  People were already getting really uncomfortable, not to mention hot, sweaty, and dehydtrated, but then as soon as the show was over, all the people who were excited for the Chili Peppers started pushing forward even more, jamming everyone at the front together so tight that people couldn't even breath.  Fans were getting pushed over the front railing to avoid being suffocated, and a lot of people started getting anxiety or panic attacks.  I, myself, felt like I might pass out at any moment.  And since no one could move, no one could escape or go back to tell the crowd to step back a few feet, we were all just stuck there.  As far as concert crowds go, it was one of the scariest to be in at that point.

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