376: A Concert Tale: The Stooges, Part VI

Welcome to 2013 everybody!  And we're starting off the new year well with a comic going up on the day that it's supposed to!  And I'm optimistic that Friday's comic will be doing the same!  Let's continue this year's awesome beginning with an incredible folk metal band from Germany called Equilibrium.  They play an extreme style of folk metal, combining the traditional instruments and melodies of folk metal with the raging, screaming vocals you'd hear from bands like Children of Bodom.  The music is intense, beautiful, and badass, and the screams are awesome as fuck.  And it doesn't even matter that they sing entirely in German, because you're not going to understand a word they say anyway.  Check out the amazing music video that accompanies their equally amazing song, "Blut Im Auge."  Whoever animated that music video should be elected president of the goddamn world.  And then here's what might be the single greatest metal song I've ever heard, because it starts out kickass and thrashy and then halfway through it BLEW MY FUNKING MIND.  It's the song "Snüffel."  And as if that weren't enough, here's the song that got me to go and buy their albums immediately after finishing it, the 17-minute-long "Mana."  Like metal?  Listen to this band.  (As if you needed any more convincing, am I right?)  I'd like to extend a huge huge thanks to Alex from Canada for recommending this band to me!  You rock dude!

I'd also like to thank Jed from New York for pointing out the typo I made in yesterday's strip, which has now been fixed!  Thanks Jed!  See you guys on Friday!

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