379: Top 40

Normally I try to avoid having to explain my jokes, but I knew that I would need to do that for this comic.  The Baseballs are a kickass German band that takes famous pop hits and transforms them into 1950's rock and roll songs.  Their style is made complete with slicked back Greaser hair and that oh-too-awesome Elvis-y voice and stage presence.  And not only do they encompass that style flawlessly, their covers often outshine the original tracks they were taken from, or at least they do from a rock-lover's perspective (which is me, I'm talking about me).  And while they're already incredibly successful in Europe, not many people know about them here in the United States.  Well now it's time to change that, because they are too awesome to remain overseas!  Check out some of their most popular covers, starting off with Rihanna's "Umbrella," and then Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold," and finishing off with Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars."  I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Eder from Mexico for first telling me about this band, and for being an all-around awesome dude.  You rock Eder!

Also, are you guys as stoked as I am for Pokemon X & Y?  Because if you're not then you're probably lying to yourself.  And so in celebration for the new games, let's watch the greatest video ever.

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