381: Common Comments

"Brought me here" is always annoying, unless of course it says "3-Chord Dorks brought me here," in which case it's totally cool.  Yesterday's comic made me have youtube on the brain today.  I don't actually dislike seeing the same comments over and over again, but it does get incredibly repetitive.  The two comments that I didn't include are:  The "Manhood Saver" - when you watch a cute cat video and all the guys comment "I had to punch a bear in the face to reclaim my manhood after that," - and "The Snark" - someone commenting "Oh how original, did you think that up yourself?" to any of the comments mentioned above.  I chose the ones you usually see on music videos.

Speaking of music, you guys are in for a real treat today!  The band I have for you is the Hungarian rock band known as Tankcsapda.  Getting their start in the late 80's with a lighter sound, the band has slowly become heavier and heavier over the years, gradually gaining more and more popularity as well, although they never achieved a lot of international success since their lyrics are in Hungarian.  But their sound now can only be described as "hell fucking yeah!  Hard rock, bitches!" by those who are familiar with them, so check out some of their most badass songs here, starting with "Rock A Nevem," and then "Nem Kell Semmi."  For this awesome new rock band, I have Bruainan from (probably Hungary?) to thank.  Thank you Bruainan!  See you guys tomorrow!

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