382: Disputes

In a world filled with nerd disputes, the only unanimous thing is that Joss Whedon kicks ass.  And if you're currently looking at this comic and saying, "But Kevin, Avatar isn't an anime," then I would tell you that that's beside the point and then call you a big dork.

So here's a thrash metal band that I've been wanting to tell you guys about for the last few months.  It's the new American band called Havok, and they are helping to bring back the genre with intense, speedy thrash songs like "Covering Fire" and "Prepare For Attack."  I bought both of their albums, and they're both freaking sweet.  The first album sounds exactly like early Megadeth or early Metallica, while the second moves beyond that into their own, more contemporary style.  Which is a fancy-shmancy way of saying, "they sound less like those older bands and more like . . . themselves, I guess."  Also, their drummer Pete Webber is very popular for his insane drumming skills in their songs, and has released several KICKASS drum videos.  Check him out, and be in awe, as he plays along to their song "Scumbag In Disguise."  I'd like to give a big thanks to David from Massachusettes for originally telling me about these guys, because I've already gotten months of enjoyment out of them.  See you guys tomorrow!

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