383: fun.

By the time I actually started the album, it was already futile.  There was no way it could possibly live up to the hype that I created for it in my own head (wherein it was pretty freakin' sweet.)  And the second comic isn't an exaggeration, I really was ready for fun. to give me a whole new outlook on pop music.  So to have the album end up being ONLY pretty damn good was actually. . . disappointing.  Poor fun., they never even had a chance.

Speaking of never having a chance, this is a non-sequitor!  Here's a fantastic German band called Eisbrecher, a Neue Deutsche Härte band (like Rammstein).  But personally, I enjoy them even more than Rammstein, whose songs can get fairly repetetive after a while.  Eisbrecher sounds a little more varied, balancing the use of guitars, keyboards, and electronic beats well between different songs.  Here are few of their popular tracks, one called "Verrückt," another called "Ohne Dich," and finally, the guitar riff that got me to listen to them in the first place: "Tanz Mit Mir."  And the credit for that recommendation goes entirely to Devin from BonScottsville, my fellow AC/DC know-it-all. <3  Thanks again, Devin!

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