384: Ingredients

The combination sounds delicious right?  Or at least all the separate parts sound delicious on their own, but some people might not enjoy the flavor of it when you combine them all together into one thing.

So Parzival from Somewhere-Or-Another (it says ".co.uk" so I've got no leads...), who recommended this next artist to me, did not describe the artist to me beforehand AT ALL.  All the email contained was a youtube link, followed by the words "Trust me.  Rock on."  And now I'll be giving you guys the same treatment.  No description, no pretense, just . . . trust me.  Once you're done watching that, check out some other videos here, and over here.  Thank you so much, Parzival, trusting you was certainly the right thing to do. :)  In addition to Parz over here, there are several other folks who warrant an insane amount of love and appreciation from me, due to the fact that they're TOTES AWESOME.  I'd like to give big shoutouts to Robby from Australia, Eric from Argentina, Matt from England, Rafael from Brazil, Cameron from he-said-he-was-British?, Jack from Noise Rock Central (you know the place), Antony from Canadialand, Anonymous (from the UK!), and finally Tim, from Tim.  You folks, no matter what the context of the email, no matter how long ago they were sent, are all awesome and are appreciated beyond belief.  Don't ever change, unless it's to become even more awesome.

I hope you all have a good weekend, everybody!  I leave you now with a humorous insight into our daily lives over here at 3-Chord Dorks.  Because I love you.

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