389: Gandalf The Asshole

I have a guest drawing from a friend for you guys today!  Now I'm sure you're all thinking:   "Aw, how sweet, Kevin is friends with a special needs child!"   But nope, that's just the Sultan.  (so yes.)  The two of us, like many nerd humorists, gradually began to realize that Gandalf The Grey is kind of a total dick.  The thought only solidified in our brains further when we watched the old animated Hobbit movie, and half of Gandalf's lines to Bilbo could be responded to with:  "Well, fuck you too, Gandalf."  The Sultan poured his heart and soul into this piece of artwork, which should make him feel very very bad about himself, because no one loves him and he will die old and weak.  4chan, I am with you on this one.

Hope you guys have a good weekend, and I hope I'll be all better by Monday.  Until then, here's something to keep the instrument-players occupied.  CSGuitar89 is holding a contest for people to be included in one of his upcoming cover videos.  He'll be playing the File Select music from Super Mario 64, and is asking his fans to record themselves playing it (regardless of instrument) and send it in to him.  He'll throw all his favorites into one single collab video with credit to all the inclusions.  So if you play an instrument, and want to be included in a moderately popular YouTube artist's video, now is your chance.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do it.  I am already, like, SUPER famous...

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