390: Incursed

So thanks to Elena from Spain, I got to learn about a kickass new folk/symphonic metal band called Incursed (also from Spain).  The story went as usual: I listened to their album on their bandcamp page, loved it, bought it, same old same.  But then not even a few hours later, I got an email from the lead singer Narot, thanking me for purchasing their album.  It was short, but the fact that it wasn't automated pretty much made me a fan of theirs for life.  Go listen to their album Fimbulwinter on their bandcamp page right now if you love extreme folk metal.  You don't even need to skip songs, simply press play and you will be impressed within the first few minutes.  Or if you're an impatient asshole (hello internet, how are you?) you can listen to one of favorite songs off it here: "Jörmungandr,"  Huge thanks to Elena from Spain, and an even huger thanks to Narot from Incursed for being a fucking awesome dude.  Support this band.  See you guys tomorrow!

(oh, and yeah I'm feeling a lot better now!)

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