392: Sedentary

That light isn't actually strong, it's just that I only weigh about 95 lbs.  For those of you using the metric system, I'm pretty sure that comes to about 6 kilos.  Also I hate all of you.  That third panel is probably the funniest and most disturbing thing I've ever drawn.  Imagine laughing and cringing as you draw your own comic.  That's what happened today.

Our featured artist today is yet another amazing fingerstyle guitarist recommended by Emil, Prince of the Danishes.  This guitarist's name is Thomas Leeb, from Austria.  You know how a lot of fingerstyle guitarists scratch and drum on the body of their guitars?  Well Thomas Leeb just took out the middle man and attached a scratch-board straight onto the surface of his guitar for extra percussive magic.  He's also got a great cover of "No Woman No Cry," which is one of his most popular songs.  But most importantly:  Listen.  Pretty.  Once again I'd like to thank Emil from Denmark for his continual recommendations.  You rock dude!  See everyone tomorrow!

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