393: The Kyle Gass Band

So I got to go to a Kyle Gass show last night (and Sultan didn't, ha).  Not to rub it in Sultan's face or anything, but it was the greatest show I've ever been to like oh my god you guys.  Not only was it Kyle Gass (of Tenacious D fame), one of my favorite musicians in the world, but it was also in a tiny bar with only 50 people there, and so we all got to be right up next to the tiny stage, five feet away from the band, close enough to talk to them and give them high fives and shit.  Plus, that meant that all the band members came down and hung out in the bar with everyone afterwards, signing autographs and shaking hands and taking pictures.  I got to shake Kyle Gass' hand and then tell him he's one of my heroes, it was the best night I've ever had.

Enough awesome stuff happened that night for me to want to do a whole Concert Tale arc soon, but unfortunately I won't be able to start that for another few weeks.  So you guys will have to make do for now with a bunch of AWESOME PHOTOS OHMAWGAHD.  Here are a few of Kyle singing, playing guitar, and playing his trademarked recorder.  And then here are a bunch of other random photots of him as well: one, two, three, four, five, and six.  And here's a few of guitarist John Konesky, who has been a member of Tenacious D since The Pick Of Destiny. (pictured with him is guitarist Mike Bray.)  Their drummer, Nate Rothacker, also deserves special mention.  For one song, titled "The Drummer," he came to the front, sang, and interpretive-danced his ass off for five straight minutes.  I got to meet Nate personally, and he was super nice and awesome, so here's to you, Nate.  And then at one point near the end show, Kyle came down into the audience while his band was playing some solos and cheered them on with the rest of the crowd.  Every second of the show was amazing, and it made us all feel really close to the band.

And just to add a proverbial cherry on top of this already amazing sundae of a night, after the show ended I got to take some pictures with Kyle and the band.  Here's one of me with all the guys.  (also ha, psyche, fuckers.)  And then me with the big man himself.  And finally, one of me with drummer Nate Rothacker.  I love you Nate, you're awesome.

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