394: Radiohead

Radiohead has always been one of the most revered and respected artists from the 90's alternative boom, and I've always enjoyed their early albums a whole lot, like The Bends and OK Computer, because those albums are all very guitar-centric.  But two of their most highly regarded albums, Kid A and Amnesiac, are albums that I've never quite enjoyed.  They were very eletronic-based and never struck me as hugely groundbreaking or innovative, yet the general concensus amongst fans and critics is that those albums are both incredibly good.  Because of that, I always felt like there must be something about them that I just didn't get.  Not just something that was outside of my taste (which is probably all it is), but something that I was supposed to be hearing and I wasn't hearing.  After all, it's not like I'm allowed to have a differing opinion from the majority, right?  Like, that shit's NOT ALLOWED.

Speaking of alternative rock, here's a kickass indie band from America called Fang Island.  Their music is defined by the happiest melodies you've ever heard, with pretty guitar tones and plenty of vocal harmonies (and the occasional noise-rock song here or there.)  The band likes to describe their music as sounding like "Everyone high-fiving everyone"  which fits nicely.  After all, just try to watch that music video and not smile by the end of it, it's not an easy task.  I'd like to thank Leo from Britain for this excellent recommendation, this is one of those many bands that deserve way more recognition.  Thanks a bunch, Leo!

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