395: Announcement Day

You can find the re-drawn story arc right here (and then it goes on for the next few pages): http://www.3chorddorks.com/node/276.

And now for contest details:

   The caption contest will be held from now until Monday, February 25th.
   Your goal is to come up with the funniest caption for this image.
   Simply email me at kevin@3chorddorks.com, with the subject line CAPTION CONTEST, and your caption to be entered.
   Also include your first name and country in the email.
   Each person is only allowed to enter one caption for the contest.  If you enter more than one, you will be automatically disqualified.
   After the contest is over, the winner will be emailed with further details about how to claim their FREE SHIRT.  So please use a valid email address to send in your caption.

And that's all there is to it!  I'd like to thank T-shirts.com for sponsoring this giveaway.  Go check out all their awesome designs and support a great company!  Here are the shirts that you have a chance to win: the "I Like My Music Loud" shirt (men's)/(women's), or the "I Love Metal" shirt (men's)/(women's).

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