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February 19, 2013
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Tsutomu Narita
UnchainBlades ReXX Original Soundtrack (2012)

This is Kevin's zombified corpse here.  Kevin apparently has been dead for the past few days, but now I've risen back to life as an abomination unto God and can finally post a freaking update.  I'm sure Kevin would be able to come up with a bunch of excuses for not doing so sooner, but honestly they'd all sound way stupider than this one, so let's not bother.

UnchainBlades is a game series that recently came out in Japan, the soundtrack for which was composed by Tsutomu Narita, Nobuo Uematsu <3, and their band the Earthbound Papas.  Remember the Black Mages?  That awesome band of Square Enix employees that played rock versions of their own Final Fantasy songs?  Well after they all quit Square Enix, they couldn't use the name for the band anymore, so the band continued playing as the Earthbound Papas.  Tsutomu Narita, one of the two keyboardists in the band, wrote the majority of the soundtracks for this game series, with several songs written by Nobuo Uematsu <3 as well.  And the songs were all performed and recorded by the Earthbound Papas, so listening to parts of this soundtrack was basically like listening to a new album by them.


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