Song of the Day

February 20, 2013
Venus Lighthouse Arrange
Matt Ra
Golden Sun

The first Golden Sun game has always been highly underrated, especially where the soundtrack is concerned.  Nobody cares about the game or its music anymore, which I think is a fucking crime against humanity, because the first Golden Sun had one of the best RPG soundtracks ever.  It's up there at the top amongst all the other greatest soundtracks, right underneath behemoths like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy and their classic Square Enix ilk.  But alas, the music gets no love, so to come across an awesome remix like this is a treasure from the fucking gods.

The soundtrack to the sequel game wasn't quite as good (although the game almost was), nor was the soundtrack to the third installment, which came out on the DS. (but we don't talk about that one.  That game was like a poorly written fanfic.)


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