28: Most Members Evers

Hey, you guys followed instructions and came back another page from the sketch!  I'm so proud of my millions of imaginary fans.  If anyone can think of a band that has had more than 26 members, please tell me.  Because I haven't found one yet.  This does not count session musicians, this counts official touring/recording members.  If you count Black Sabbath's session musicians, that number goes almost to 40.  Geez.

[EDIT]  I'm writing this six months later.  Lo and behold, I have actually learned of numerous bands with more members than Black Sabbath, thanks to my readers!  Bands like The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet have had more than 40 members each, and some solo artists like Frank Zappa have literally worked with hundreds of musicians!  I mention some more of these bands in later comics, which means that this strip has actually become outdated!  Oh how schooled I have become!

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