396: Caption Contest Winner!

Welcome back to 3-Chord Dorks, everybody!  I missed you all. :3  Here is our official winner for the T-Shirt Caption Contest, submitted by Daniel from the UK!  Daniel will be receiving an email from me later tonight to ask which shirt he'd like as his prize!  You guys sent in a bunch of awesome captions over the last few weeks; Justin Bieber was, of course, the most popular person to make fun of, as well as a lot of references to AC/DC.  But Daniel's caption here was not only the most creative version of that joke, it also had that second part that made me laugh out loud.  In fact, it was the one that made all my friends and family laugh, so the choice was pretty clear.  That's not to say I didn't receive some other great captions as well, so here's a little compilation of my favorite submissions! (or the ones that I received most frequently.)  One hilarious thing about the contest though, was that as SOON as I uploaded this image for you guys and started receiving submissions, I immediately thought of a DIFFERENT image that I totally would have liked better.  But then I was like "Naw, it's already goin', son.  Can't go changin' it up on peeps like that."  Oh the woe!

In other news, we are all done with our re-drawn Jolie comics and will finally be back to regular comics tomorrow!  You can read all of the re-drawn comics here, if there's any you still need to:  The first half in Part 1, the second half in Part 2, and the Subject Change on the next page.  The story is finally the way I wanted it to be, so thank you for allowing me to spend these last few weeks on it.  I really think it's made the whole comic that much better.  Band recs will also resume tomorrow, I know you guys must've been missing them!  See you tomorrow!

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