398: Taddy Porter

Remember that awesome band I talked about before, called Taddy Porter? (it's a band, not a person.)  Well if you don't, I'm sure it's nothing a nice pants-off dance-off won't help you remember.  The money bags and the words "huge success" are a bit of an exaggeration, Taddy Porter's first album was totally AWESOME, but it's success was only moderate.  But these guys have ALSO released a new album recently, and this time it's in a completely diferent style than their first.  They went from being a clear, high-quality modern hard rock band to being a low-fi bluesy garage band (à la Black Keys and Blue Van) overnight.  And in my opinion, it was a mistake for the band.  The new album is definitely worse than their first one - not because their new style is bad, but because they're simply worse at writing songs in this style.  The album has incredible production, and the band fits their new style flawlessly, but the songs themselves aren't as good as a lot of the other bands who also play this style.  In other words: they went from being a top-notch modern rock band to being an ok garage band.  And so, even though all the songs were pretty good, it was still a bit of a disappointment after their first album.  Now, I should point out that Taddy Porter has actually said that they were disappointed with their old style.  They felt like it wasn't what they had been going for, and that this new style is how they've wanted to sound from the very beginning.  Since that's true, we can probably expect their fututre albums to be like this one.  Hopefully they will get better at writing songs in this style over time, because right now it feels like they've taken a step backwards.  (But then again, there's still the chance that changing styles TOTALLY works out for them, and they get way super popular because of it.  If that happens, I'll simply be sitting by myself in the corner all grumpy, going "yeah but it's not as good as their first album mumble grumble...")

Speaking of rock bands that are better than Taddy Porter's new album, here's an amazing new band from the Netherlands called Colossa.  To put things quite frankly, they rock a thousand different ways all at once, and I can't even put my finger on a specific description for their style.  Except for these words:  "Rockin'" "Badass"  "Catchy"  "Classic"  "Also modern fuck I don't know"  and  "Why aren't you listening to this".  They don't have very many videos on youtube yet, so here's their bandcamp page to check out.  Honestly, just go ahead and hit play, it won't take very long for you to hear something awesome.  Big huge thanks to Jordan from Jordan for recommending these guys to me.  (I actually don't know where he's from, I just said that because that would be hilarious.)

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