399: Work Setting

Whenever I try to draw in my bedroom, my work ethic fucking tanks.  That's where I used to draw all my comics before going digital, and I was in there again these last few weeks for the Jolie arc, and it fucking sucked working in there.  It was also like that during the last few months before going digital, my attitude towards work was just getting worse and worse and worse, and I assumed I was just desperate for a change of pace.  Then I got my tablet and I changed rooms, and I was immediately happier and more productive.  But it didn't really hit me as to why until I went back into my bedroom for the Jolie arc, and within a few days I was already back to the frustration and malaise I had felt before.  That's when things finally clicked, and I went "Seriously?!  It's just this fucking room?!?!  I gotta get the fuck outta HERE."  And wouldn't you know it, this whole last week in the other room has been nothing but butterflies and sunshine all around.  Go figure.

Today's band is great hardcore band from Canada called The Disconnect.  These guys are harder than your average hardcore band, not quite into the realm of metalcore, but closer than others.  You know how a lot of hardcore songs will have some parts be screaming and other parts be clean, pretty vocals (usually during the choruses)?  Well these guys pretty much tell clean and pretty to fuck off and just scream everything, and it's badass as shit.  Plus, the guitars make up for it with a great mix of pretty melodies and hard, intense riffs.  Check out a few of their popular videos right here, starting with "Jumping Ship" (god that drummer is awesome, but he's not in the band anymore), and then "The Disconnect" (please ignore the racist top comment, even though you can't now since I just brought it up).  Finally, the song "Digression."  And then I'd like to thank Shawn from I-Don't-Know-How-Links-Work-atopia for this kickass rec.  You rule Shawn!  I'd also like to thank Matthew from Canadialand, Rick from the Netherlands, Tokes from Great Britain, Mike from England (so also Great Britain) David from Punkistan (Holy CRAP I wanna go there), Nick from Most Likely /mu/ But Maybe Not, Evan from Ocala (pretty sure that's in Florida), and finally Rush from North Carolina, who wins the award for Most Awesome Actual First Name Ever.  Each of you men (wait, all men this time? huh.) are fucking awesome, the greatest men in the world, the manliest men who ever manned things!  MEN!

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