Today I want to tell you guys about an amazing video game which is currently in development.  I don't even know where to begin, this game is such a huge deal to me that it's hard to organize my thoughts very well.

The character you see above is a girl named Esmy, and she's the protagonist for a brand new game called Cryamore.  Cryamore is an action/adventure game similar to The Legend of Zelda series and the Mana series, and takes direct influence from some of the best RPG and Adventure games of the SNES and PSX eras, including Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Brave Fencer Musashi, and the Mana games.  It recently had a kickstarter campaign to earn money for development.  They asked for $60,000, and by the end of the campaign, they had earned more than 400% of that goal.  Because of this success, the game is now going to be released on every platform: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Wii U, PS3, and XBOX 360 all as digital downloads.  I myself was a backer and have been following the game's development ever since, and I cannot express how much joy it has already added to my life.  This game doesn't even exist yet, and it has already brought me close to tears twice.  The amount of love, passion, and involvement that has been put into this game by its fans and its creators is enough to sweep you off your feet, and I have been truly thrilled to get to go along for the ride.  I could try to describe the game to you more, but I think their kickstarter page can say more than I ever could.  Read the description, watch the video, and see for yourself.

But more important to me than anything else, is the music.  The music for the game is absolutely incredible; it floored me.  Not only was it the thing that got me to support the kickstarter, but it was also one of the things that made me tear up.  It is everything that an RPG soundtrack should be, and the eight tracks I've heard so far can only be compared in scale to old RPG masterpieces like Chrono Trigger.  And now thanks to it, I have a new musical hero: Aivi Tran.  Aivi has been doing piano covers on youtube for years now, and had built up a small following before being asked to compose for Cryamore.  That decision has turned out to be the best decision they could have ever made, because the music so far has been absolutely breathtaking.  Check out six of the tracks that have been released so far, and check out Aivi's youtube channel as well, where she posts songs from Cryamore, covers from other games, and original songs.

Now, since the kickstarter is already over, you might be wondering why I'm bringing the game up now.  The reason is because you still have a chance to get in on the rewards.  For the next week and a half, NostalgiCO (the creators), are holding a Paypal campaign very similar to their kickstarter, and just like kickstarter, every donation gets you an exclusive reward from the game.  Everything from a pre-ordered copy (which is cheaper than the game will be), to the game's complete soundtrack, to UDON artbooks, to figurines.  And except for the digital versions of the game and soundtrack, none of these will ever be made ever again.

But there's more.  There is something else about this game that makes me so excited that I am struggling to contain myself.  It is something that only I and a few other people are privy to at this point.  It is something that I'm not allowed to tell you about until it gets finalized - I can't even tell the Sultan about it - but it is something I'm sure you will all want to experience.  If I've piqued your interest at all, feel free to become a part of the action.  The team making this game are some of the most talented and friendly people you'll ever meet, and more importantly, they respect and love their genre.  Here's a link to their blog, where you can follow the game's creation and ask them questions.  And you'll probably be seeing plenty of fanart from myself there too, in the future.  And finally, here's a link to their Paypal campaign page where you can find a list of rewards that are still available.  Thanks for hearing me out you guys, I hope you all enjoy the game. <3

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