401: Kickstarter

That's a poster of Noka Island on the wall there.  If that name sounds familiar to you then you are my new best friend.  A couple of other fun facts about this comic: I forgot to delete some of my photoshop layers before I uploaded it, so you can still see some of my blue sketch lines behind my head in the first panel.  Also this marks my first use of anime depression lines in panel 4.  Honestly it had to be done eventually.

And now since some of you asked for them, here are some wallpaper versions of Friday's Esmy drawing!  You have your choice of 1600x1200 or 1440x900.  And I guess I'll include another little treat for you guys by showing some process shots of said drawing.  It all started with a rough photoshop sketch, after that I added some baddies and effects to the background, followed by a final outline of Esmy, and finally adding color and lighting.  And that's how drawings are born.

The band I have for you today is a sweet Canadian rock band called Black Mountain.  They are one part stoner rock and one part psychadelic 60's rock, and then add dual male/female vocals on top of that, and you get one fucking groovy experience.  As you might expect from a band like this, their style can be quite diverse, ranging from riffy hard rock, to the happiest bluesy pop, to the slow and psychadelic.  You can find their albums on Amazon and iTunes (and I'm telling you that because searching for their music online is a pain, otherwise.)  I'd like to thank David from To-Punk-Or-Not-To-Punk? for this recommendation.  You rule dude!

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